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Little bamboo shoot

w o o l f r e d @ l i v e j o u r n a l.c o m

A little journal with some of Woolfred's works - icons and stuff. Nothing to brag about, but finaly she (I ;)) started doing something with it.
Woolfred is - a wannabe scientist, always sitting in front of her compy, and claiming, that he is her hubby (alongside with Abel from Trinity Blood :P). Her laziness competes with her high ambition in everything that she does :/ She hates it :P She loves her cats. She has two cats - Ball - a bigger, older, lazier and fatter black one, and thin Dot, which is very energetic and loves to play ;) She is crazy about them, and give them strange nicknames - a proof of her love ;)
Woolfred <3 - chocolate (hot chocolate too) ;), sweets in general ;), eating, cooking... I should stop now ;), music - irish, celtic, ethno, her compy (her hubby), anime - esp. Haibane Renmei, manga - Trinity Blood, TB novels, RPG's, smell of the fresh grass after rain, riding my bike, aikido, textures - she is mad about them, icons, watching her textures and icons colections ;), fantasy, books - espacialy fantasy ones ;), blond guys, silverheads, bishonens ;) - especialy the two earlier types ;) + cute boys ;), cats - her precious - Ball & Dottie, Abel-kun ;), badges, ewes... no she hates them!, tiny things, huge things, knights and medieval stuff, archering, beautiful drawings, thunderstorms, bamboos, her mp3 player ;) and some other.
Woolfred hates/doesn't like - liers, people that aren't true, and try to be someone else instead of accept themselves, dishonest people, maggots, high places - because she is afraid of them, swimming (sic!), phisical excercises, her lazyness, to be a coward, cowards, stupidity, ignorance, disrespect, dumplings, stewed carrots, a lot of other food ;), money - and its lack of, being grumpy, people who always complain (as she is ;/), things, that everyone likes O_O, dogs.
Ewes are baaaad...

i&apos;m in gryffindor!

You are a Clueless Uke!

Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme

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